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Best Deals rent a cars

BestDeals Rent A Car


A lot of people tell me, Vancha it must be super hard to keep the fleet technically upright at all times, the cars clean, in good working order, every one of them having everything they need for a safe and trouble – free trip. It must cost a lot of effort to always be on time to meet or send a customer, and that too at any time of the day or night, to deliver to addresses all over the city, to always be smiling and cheerful to meet every customer’s queries; to answer queries immediately and with you things just happen easily, despite everything you keep cheap car rental rates, compared to the competition your rates are so cheap; how do you do it?

And the reason my friends why our car rental prices are so cheap, and the quality great my reason is to offer reliable cars that people can travel in and feel safe and relaxed, at normal prices, we chose the hard way, the difficult way, to select very carefully each and every car, be it not so new year, it is important to us that it is low mileage, maintained, quality serviced, so that we can fulfil our mission to make our customers happy; I call most of our cars ” budget rent a car vehicles” because the rental price may not be afforded by anyone, can fit perfectly into anyone’s budget and yet not compromise on quality, service level and most of all safety on the road.
Welcome to our rent a car website!

V. Kekemenova /Manager/

Best Prices for Car Rental in Sofia

SCDW for only €3 on the shown daily price.
This applies to all cars!

Mileage 150 km/day, extra charge 0,10€/km

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24/7 cars rental to/from Sofia Airport

24/7 customer support

Convenient Delivery/Return to Your Address

What we offer

  • We have a wide range of different classes of rent a cars  –  Economy, Compact, Standard, Automatic
  • We offer car rental for long and short term use. Please note that the minimum rental period for a car is 2 days (48 hours), for the maximum, it is advisable to contact our Rent A Car in Sofia.
  • With us you can find the ideal rent a car for business or family travel, for use in case of a special occasion such as a wedding, prom or corporate event.

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Basic price includes:

  • 24 hour car rental
  • Vignette
  • Additional driver
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Insurance – Civil liability
  • Full vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle replacement in case of technical failure
  • Winter equipment
  • VAT – 20%

Base price does not include:

  • Fuel
  • Damage to tyres, wheels, interior
  • Receiving/accepting a car in off-hours
  • Some of the optional extras and equipment
  • Fines for violation of traffic laws
  • Foreign travel fee
  • Charge for cleaning – 10€

More about our services

rent a car коли под наем

Dear customers, we sincerely thank you for choosing BestDeals Rent-a-Car! In our company’s portfolio you can find high quality rent-a-car services are affordable and reasonable prices. Check out now in details what our accurate and reliable company for cars given for rent can offer you:

  • We provide a rich assortment in cars of different classes – Economical, Compact, Standard and Automatic
  • We offer both: long-term and short-term services for rent-a-car. Please, have in mind, that the minimum rent period per car is 2 days (48 hours), while as for the maximum rent period, it would be better for you to preliminarily get in touch with our team so our consultants can provide you the most affordable offer for your individual claims.
  • BestDeals Rent-a-Car is where you can find the ideal automobile for business or family trip, to use in case of a special occasion like wedding, prom or corporate event.
  • You can count on BestDeals Rent-a-Car for transfers from and to a Bulgarian airport with our cars.
  • If you need a personal driver with perfect professional skills, rich experience and clear driving license history, contact us, so we can serve you in the best and most affordable way
  • Our cars come with the entire necessary and required equipment, including one for long trips – spare wheel, repair tools, as well as additional accessories that are a must according to the national driving laws – warning triangle, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, high visibility waistcoat.
  • Our cars are delivered with empty or full tank (depending on the season and the automobile brand) and you are supposed to deliver it back to us the way you have received it. Please, have in mind that if the car was delivered with full tank, but you return it without the full tank amount, the difference is repaid at a fuel price that’s available at the return date.

Who can use BestDeals Rent-a-Car services? *

You can freely take the advantages of our rent-a-car services, if you correspond to the following requirements:

  • You are at least 24 years old
  • You have a valid driving license
  • You have driving experience of at least 3 years
  • You have valid ID – besides the ID card, you can also provide an international passport where, though, you residential address should be mentioned

Коли под наем от Best Deals
*  Find out more about out requirements to order a rent-a-car service in our section Requirements for rent-a-car

How does our first-class rent-a-car service work?

In short, it works quite easily and with no complications during the procedure for you, dear customers!

The first thing you should do is to make sure you can provide us the documents according to the requirements from above. Then, you should just get in touch with us, so we can discuss the details as to your demands and preferences regarding our rent-a-car service. Once we find the ideal car for you, we will continue with the contract. In the contract all the details about our service are listed correctly and clearly: ID car, exact period for the service, the way you will get and deliver back the car, your rights and obligations in case of a motorcar or any other accident related with the automobile.

You sign up a take-over certificate, which is a part of the rent-a-car contract.

NOTE: Please, in case of an incident or motorcar incident, contact at first with our company. Do not forget that BestDeals Rent-a-Car is available for you 24/7. In the sake of your convenience, comfort and respect to your personal life and business duties, our company guarantees you that if a technical problem occurs to the car within 6 hours (Sofia) and 12 hours (for the entire Bulgarian territory) after delivering you the car, we will immediately provide you a new car. In case of a motorcar accident, which you have been involved with zero guilt, we can also provide you an automobile and your additional fee will be only the delivery charge.

In the sake of your security and safety we provide you only fully insured and always maintained cars with excellent technical specifications, as well as great comfortable exploitation extras. We believe that the happy customer is the most precious and significant goal our company should be devoted to, which is why we never make compromises either with the quality, or with the perfect working order of all the cars we give for rent.

For more information about BestDeals Rent-a-Car service you can always get in touch with any of our company’s polite representatives who are always ready to kindly explain you the entire rent-a-car procedure, as well as all the specifications of our offer.


Key Rent a car terms

Car hireCar hire gives you the opportunity to have a car if you don’t have one; you can choose from a variety of makes and models of vetted cars; very often included in the rental price is a vignette, tax, 24 hour roadside assistance etc. The rental is defined as a duration in days, lasting 24 hours a day; when you rent a car you are responsible for its management, as well as driving in accordance with the requirements of the law;
Booking a carIt would be a good idea to plan your car rental and make your booking in advance; you can book through the website, our email, and by phone +359892476929 and +359892476547; or here
Car classesCars can be grouped according to different criteria by class. According to size they are small /economy class/, medium size, large, station wagons, limousines, etc. These classes can also be named with letters: А, B, С, D, E,F, M, S, M, J;
Additional driverAn additional driver can be included in the rental contract free of charge; he can drive the car as well as the main driver. The same requirements apply as for the main driver.
Security DepositWhen renting a car, the renter is required to leave an amount that could reimburse the landlord for any shortages, damages, damages, etc. The Security Deposit is refundable when the car is returned in the same condition as the rental.
MileageMileage is the included mileage that can be driven in the rental car without additional charge;
LocationThis is the location from which the hired car can be hired or returned;
Delivery to an addressSometimes it is possible to have the car delivered/returned directly to and from your address. Delivery to an address is an additional charge over and above the rental price.
Options Options can be added on top of the car hire. These can be –  child seats, car seats, car racks, bike racks, chains, wireless internet router, GPS navigation, etc.
Going abroadYou can travel out of the country with your rental car, ask which countries are eligible; a higher security deposit may be required as well as an additional fee;
Vehicle damageYes, and this happens sometimes; when you rent a car always bear in mind that you are driving someone else’s car and for any alert indication on the dashboard or any suspicion that the machine is showing signs of malfunction, you should call the owner, i.e. the car rental agency; never take action without checking with them, it can cost you a lot of troubles and money;
Additional cover for damage and theftThe rental price includes basic cover for damage and theft in the general case; different companies offer additional covers that the customer can take advantage of if desired. These serve as insurance against certain events. Make yourself aware carefully with the conditions under which the additional coverages apply. As with insurance, even if you have purchased it, it may not apply if certain conditions are not observed. Additional cover does not absolve the Lessee from full liability.
Replacing the rental carUnder certain conditions, the car rental agency may offer car replacement in case of technical breakdown and not only. This gives you extra peace of mind that even if something unforeseen arises you will have a car.
Rental extensionIf you need to extend your rental, you should ask in writing if this is possible and at least 48 hours before the end of the rental. Please note that the extension will be made at the current price list.
Booking cancellationTo cancel a booking call the office as soon as possible. If the reason for the cancellation is due to Covid illness, it will be cancelled free of charge.
Explore the full terms and conditions for renting a car with us here 
Long term car rentalCar rental longer than 30 days;
Car bookingIt would be a good idea to plan your car rental, what will be the model, gearbox and size of the car and make your booking in advance; you can book through the website, our email, and by phone +359892476929 and +359892476547; or here
Rental price for a long period of timeThe rental price will be given to you broken down by month. It may vary and be different each month. However, you will know a pre – agreed price and this will not be changed until the end of your rental period.
What is included in the rent for a long term rentalThe rental price includes the rental price per day, VAT, vignette, third party liability insurance, mileage mentioned in the rental contract, additional driver, vehicle maintenance, tyre changes, replacement of the vehicle in the event of a technical fault due to normal wear and tear;
What is not included in the rental price for long-term rentalThe rental price does not include: Fuel, collection and return of the vehicle during out – of – hours, optional extras and equipment, fines, foreign travel fees, cleaning fees and other administrative charges; damages and shortages to the vehicle;
Mileage on long-term hireWhen enquiring about a long-time car hire, please state your required mileage for the period. If you are unclear please provide an estimate so that a quote can be made; The price for a long term hire is based on the mileage to be covered;
Payment for long-term rentalCar rental is always paid in advance. With a long-term one, you can choose a flexible payment; for a period of at least 15 days. However, it is compulsory that the first month is paid in full immediately upon conclusion of the rental contract;
Security deposit for long-term rentalWhen renting a car long-term, the renter is required to leave an amount that could reimburse the landlord in case of any shortages, damages, breakages, etc. The Security Deposit is refundable when the car is returned in the same condition as rented.
Additional cover for damage and/or theftThe rental price includes basic cover for damage and theft in the general case; different companies offer additional covers that the customer can take advantage of if desired. These serve as insurance against certain events. Make yourself aware carefully with the conditions under which the additional coverages apply. As with insurance, even if you have purchased it, it may not apply if certain conditions are not observed. The additional cover does not relieve the Lessee from full liability and the obligation to comply with the Road Traffic Act and the Regulations made thereunder.
What conditions must the Lessee meetThe Lessee may be a company represented by a specific person or an individual. The driver must be at least 24 years old and have at least 3 years driving experience. The Lessee must present a valid driving licence which does not expire before the return date of the car.
How to pay for long-term car rentalThe rent can be paid in cash, by bank card in the name of the tenant, by bank transfer; the rent extension can also be paid at any Easypay cash desk.
Features for long rentThe Lessee is obliged to visit the Lessor’s office every 30 days with the rented vehicle to check the vehicle and the need to monitor its technical condition. The Lessee has the right to schedule more frequent appointments if deemed necessary. As with short term rentals, when driving the same car for a long period of time, the Lessee must remember that the car is not their property and must notify the rental company of any irregularity or suspected irregularity in the car’s condition. The Lessee is not allowed to service the car, replace tyres, spare parts, repair or repair the car himself. Any action concerning the car, with the exception of its driving and maintenance, must be agreed with the Lessor. The Lessee shall immediately inform the Lessor in case of any damage to the car, accident, etc.
Going abroad on a long-term rentalIt is possible to go abroad, agreed in advance with the rental company.
Vehicle servicing for long-term rentalIn the case of a longer car rental, one of the most frequent issues is that of the service of the car; maintenance and servicing is the responsibility of the Rental Company, the Lessee is only required to deliver the car on the appointed day for the relevant procedure;
Extension of the rental periodVery often customers do not have a clear idea of how long they will drive the vehicle. When an extension is necessary beyond the final term listed in the rental agreement, contact the company promptly and ask if it is possible to extend the rental. If approved by the company, the new term will be updated.
Changing tyres on a long-term rentalSeasonal tyre changes on the vehicle are carried out by the Lessor. The Lessee only needs to allow approximately one hour in their schedule where they will not be able to use the vehicle whilst the fitting is taking place;
Where can you pick up your rental vehicle?The rental car can be picked up from our office, which is located in the centre of Sofia, the address see here. Also from Sofia Airport, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, we also offer the option of convenient delivery to your address or hotel in Sofia.
Why choose a long-term rental from Best Deals Rent a car?At Best Deals Rent a car, we strive to offer the best solution for every customer’s needs. This is tailored to the type of vehicle, rental price, mileage included in the price, as well as optional insurances, fuel type, etc. We strive to meet each customer’s expectations, as well as respond appropriately and quickly if a change is necessary. You can count on us, we will make sure that you don’t have to think about the car, but focus on your own tasks. Call us now and ask about your rental car! You can take a look at our offers here.

Why use BestDeals Rent a car?

  1. Better rental conditions – Besides new cars, you will also find low – cost cars here. These are older models that are a great budget option for your trip; we offer some of the best car rental rates in Sofia;
  2. Flexible pickup/return policies – You can pick up and return the car at a convenient location for you, this can be your address, hotel or place of work in Sofia; We also deliver to addresses in the Sofia – region, the price for delivery is negotiable; Round the clock, we also deliver to Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at Sofia Airport.
  3. Here you can rent a car at the last minute at no extra charge, as long as it’s during our opening hours – you can get a car within 30 minutes after booking. This is only possible for location – office. We are located in the center of Sofia, for more information click here .
  4. We give you the opportunity to leave the Security Deposit in cash. This is only valid for certain car models.
  5. We can be your best partner for long-term car rental as we will offer you a flexible solution tailored to your needs.
  6. There are no hidden charges with us – We will offer to take your vehicle with basic or full breakdown cover. The choice is yours! Important – with us the cleaning cost is not included in the rental price, you can return the car uncleaned but you will owe a cleaning fee. The BestDeals Rent a car team advises you to familiarise yourself in advance with the rental conditions and your obligations as a Lessee. We look forward to seeing you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a car?

You can book a car at any time by doing it online HERE or contacting us HERE; you need to know the exact dates, times and location of arrival and return, we will be happy if you also provide us with your flight number so we can keep track of any delays; once you make a booking request we will confirm it within a few hours by contacting you on your phone number, we often use the Whatsapp and Viber apps and will send you a confirmation email;

I am 21 years old can I rent a car?

You can rent a car if you are at least 24 years old and have at least three years driving experience. see /HERE Conditions – age, driving experience and car rental/. If you are under this age or do not have the minimum driving experience required you cannot rent a car from us;

When can I rent a car?

At any time of the day or night you can pick up your rental car with prior booking; If you need to pick up a car by accident, please note that we need at least 5 hours notice to prepare your car; if you request delivery to an address, the time is extended;

What documents do I need to rent a car?

All licensed drivers must have a valid driver’s license, provide a post office address, a major credit or debit card in their name when paying with it. Driving licences issued by the Republic of Bulgaria must be presented with a control slip attached thereto. In lieu of a slip, you may provide a penal decree that does not expire immediately prior to the date requested for return of the rental vehicle. The foreign driver’s licence must be issued by the country of residence of the Lessee and additional driver. The foreign driving licence is only accepted for stays of less than six months in the country and against proof of the date of entry into the country /stamp of passport or boarding card/. Non – EU nationals must present an International Driving Permit (IDP) when hiring a car. If the driving licence of the SME is issued by a country not signatory to the Vienna Convention of 08.11.1968, it is necessary to present the International Driving Permit (IDP) or the original driving licence and its legalized translation. Also have your ID card or International Passport ready;

Do I need to change, extend or cancel my booking?

If you need to change the dates, times and other parameters of the booking, do not worry, but contact us as soon as possible, the BestDeals Rent a car team will assist you in any situation, we will confirm the change or tell you if it is possible; if you need to change a booking for reasons other than the Covid situation, note that it is possible to do this completely free of charge up to 72 hours before the start of the booking;

Can I add an additional driver afterwards?

As we require the additional driver to be present when the Rental Agreement is signed, this is possible if you anticipate an additional visit to our office;

When can I rest assured that my Booking has been accepted?

Dear Customer, once you submit a Booking Request, we will do our best to send you a confirmation as soon as possible, when you receive this you will need to make a down payment on the Booking and only then will the car be reserved for you;

Opinions of customers

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