*The price in euro per day (VAT included) is valid for 30 day rentals between 16 September and 31st May

BestDeals Rent A Car ADVANTAGES

Many people tell me, Vancha, it must be super difficult to keep the fleet technically sound at all times, the cars to be clean, in good condition, each of them to have everything necessary for a safe and trouble-free trip. It probably costs a lot of effort to always be on time to meet or send a client, and this at any time of the day, to deliver to addresses throughout Sofia, to always be smiling and cheerful to meet the questions of each client; to answer inquiries immediately and things just happen easily with you, despite everything you keep cheap prices, compared to the competition your prices are so cheap; how do you do it?

And the reason friends, why our prices are so cheap and the quality great my reason is to offer reliable cars in which people can travel and feel safe and secure, at normal prices, we chose the hard way, the hard way, to we choose very carefully every car, be it not so new year, it is important for us to be a few kilometers away, maintained, well serviced so that we can fulfill our mission to make our customers happy; I call most of our cars "budget cars" because the rental price can be in everyone's pocket, can fit perfectly into everyone's budget and still not compromise on quality, level of service and most now with road safety.
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Best price for car rental in Sofia
No hidden fees, commissions, or taxes
24/7 roadside assistance
Daily limit 200 km/petrol, 150 km/diesel - 0.05€ per km
24/7 contact with our Representative
Convenient delivery / return to your address in Sofia

More about our services

  • We provide a rich assortment in cars of different classes – Economical, Compact, Standard and Automatic
  • We offer both: long-term and short-term services for rent-a-car. Please, have in mind, that the minimum rent period per car is 2 days (48 hours), while as for the maximum rent period, it would be bett
  • BestDeals Rent-a-Car is where you can find the ideal automobile for business or family trip, to use in case of a special occasion like wedding, prom or corporate event.
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The price includes:

  • 24 – hour car rental
  • Road fee - Vignette
  • Unlimited mileages
  • Free an additional driver
  • 24/7 Free Road assistance
  • Replacement vehicle - for technical reasons
  • Snow chains
  • VAT 20%

The rates exclude:

  • Additional accessories/equipment
  • Delivery/collection of the vehicle in non working hours
  • Fuel
  • Penalties due to traffic law violations
  • Damage to tires, wheels, interior
  • Travel Fee Abroad
  • Cleaning fee - 10€

BestDeals RentaCar Team