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About us

Welcome to the official page of BestDeals Rent-a-Car – the trusted place where the perfect car is waiting for you to rent!

We’re here to get you the ride you need, and now let’s introduce ourselves very briefly.

about us rent a car

It’s important to know who you trust when it comes to car rental, right?

BestDeals Rent-a-Car is a young company with ambitions to satisfy individual customer requirements, but also to exceed them by providing excellent service, 24/7 contact with our customer service representative, and also by offering you a wide range of maintained and economical cars, always at reasonable and competitive prices.

Although we have only recently been on the market, we already have a clear idea of the policy on which we will base our relationship with each of our users. Since its inception, BestDeals Rent-a-Car has worked diligently and responsibly under the motto “When we make our customers happy, we are happy”.

That’s right – our mission is the happiness of our customers. It is this concept that we rely on when we work hard and with purpose.

And we know that customer satisfaction is achievable because:

  • We know your needs and try to provide a service that not only satisfies them, but also brings additional customer value.
  • We value your time and ours, so we make things happen expeditiously and with ease.
  • We are stable and responsible, so when you work with us, you can count on everything being checked, upright and guaranteed for your safety on the road.
  • We know how important it is to keep in touch with us before, during and after using our professional and high-quality services – that’s why you can count on 24/7 customer service in case of any type of questions or need for additional information on your part;
  • You can lean on us for absolutely any unexpected situation – we learn on the fly and most importantly…

… we are not afraid of unforeseen circumstances, because we are sure of one thing: the customer who trusted us will get what he paid for and will be satisfied!

And as the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once wisely said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, we believe that our personal professional journey, called BestDeals Rent-a-Car, begins with a lot of drive and motivation on our part!

In fact, the team behind BestDeals Rent-a-Car is both motivated and passionate about providing you with top-notch rent-a-car services that benefit each individual customer no matter their specific needs.

We are available for both individuals and corporate, and moreover, we offer cars of different class, model, year of manufacture, budget and technical specification. Whether you need a rental car for a family trip or urgently need a luxury vehicle for a special occasion, we are here to help!

Your family ride has suddenly broken down and you promised to take the child on a trip?

Looking for the best rent-a-car VIP offer to take a beautiful prom date to the prom? Or perhaps, you are a workaholic of today’s dynamic business environment, who is constantly on the road and on business trips, and you insist on a representative car to meet with clients, potential investors or partners?

Rely on us for everything! We have cars of all classes: economy, compact, standard, luxury, automatic. The right choice for a rental car is with BestDeals Rent-a-Car, because we pay attention to the smallest detail of your preferences.

Let us know what you need and one of our representatives will immediately select the perfect rental car for you and your specific requirements and needs. Don’t worry about prices, we also have cheap rent-a-car deals, but we don’t compromise on quality when it comes to reliable driving on the road.

Our team includes professional car experts who constantly monitor the condition of the cars we offer, so the risk of being stranded on the road is almost minimal!

Always honest, loyal and 100% responsive to our customers. We start with a short and quick discussion before recommending a specific car. Only after selecting the best rent-a-car vehicle for you we proceed to formalities such as signing a contract, payment and familiarization with the terms of our service.

We never leave the client uninformed about how we work. On the contrary, we explain accurately, clearly, with sufficient patience and detail the procedure for renting the car, the use and maintenance (if necessary) during use, as well as the return.

Renting a car is no longer a complicated, slow or risky procedure. When you have BestDeals Rent-a-Car on your side, you can be sure to find the perfect rent-a-car deal for you.

We are 100% at your disposal for any questions you may have, even after you start using the car rented from us.

We will not reimburse you in the event of either a short-term or too long-term desire to rent the car of your choice. BestDeals Rent-a-Car always considers the customer, because the customer comes first. And we are motivated to soon rank first in the country in the ranking for the most reliable and honest car rental company.

Tired of expensive rent-a-car offers? Looking for a rent a car with minimal risk to you and your loved ones on the road?

There’s only one solution for you – BestDeals Rent-a-Car and our wide assortment of great-looking, well-maintained and comfortable cars for every need.

Warning: our prices may surprise you, but certainly in a positive way, because our company tries to offer a perfect balance between competitive pricing and high quality rent-a-car service.

End the search for rental cars in Sofia! BestDeals Rent-a-Car is now here, and your new car that you’ll love to use is just a click away!

We welcome your inquiries, questions and requests for rent-a-car service at any time of the day or night! We’re at your service – our cars are too!

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