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Automatics for rent

кола автоматик под наем преглеждания

Rental cars is a service with which we want to make your journey more enjoyable. At Best Deals Rent-a-Car, we have a fleet that includes a large selection of automatic cars. Take a look at our offers and choose the right car for you. If you’re stuck for choice, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is email or call us and we will respond.

Here are the most important advantages if you choose rental automatics over cars with manual gears:

  • Less risk of traffic accidents

One of the main advantages is that you will get used to the car more easily and quickly because there is no adjustment to changing gears, which has its own specifics for each one. From a safety point of view, at critical moments the driver is not distracted by changing gears. This increases driver confidence and reduces the risk of an accident.

  • Relaxed drivers

Automatics are easier to drive so you save yourself the extra strain. Your attention is fully focused on the road, the gauges, the behaviour of other drivers, the braking distance, etc. On the other hand, cars with manual gears require much better knowledge of the car and accumulated driving experience. Younger drivers find the simultaneous action of pressing the clutch and changing gear difficult.

  • Easier to operate

Automatic cars are easier to drive. They have no clutch, as this pedal is simply missing and leaves the left foot free. Driving with automatic gears is easier and requires less experience and concentration. The driver only has to keep the car moving at a consistent speed, like a go-kart – pressing the accelerator and brake.

  • Mode suitable for traffic jam

Automatic gearboxes have a so-called creep mode, which is invaluable in traffic jams. All you need to do is release the brake and it starts moving slowly, you press it and the car stops.

The logic is exactly the opposite in manual cars, where you have to press the clutch when stopping in traffic if you don’t want the car to stall out. Thinking about whether this is the most optimal attachment, changing gears and using the clutch all take away from the fun of driving, in addition to causing nervousness.

Какво трябва да знаете, когато наемате автоматици

The gear lever on cars with automatic gears is different. An automatic car does not mean that there is no gear lever. Standard automatic boxes have 4 basic positions: Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive, indicated in most cases by the first letter as:

  • (P) Park: this position is selected when we have come to a complete stop and want to get out of the car, i.e. it remains parked. This locks the transmission and keeps the car stationary. Don’t forget that you must also use the handbrake for safety. Park mode is not sufficient when the car is finally stopped.
  • (R) Reverse: This is the reverse mode or direct analogue of reverse speed.
  • (N) Neutral: This lever position on automatic transmissions is similar to the gear release on manual transmissions.
  • (D) Drive: This is the driving mode. Remember, to get the car moving, you must have taken your foot off the brake and released the handbrake.

How to hire an automaton with us?

hire a car automatik

Just give us a call or request through the website. Renting an automatic is no different than renting a car with manual gears. As with other cars, the rental includes third party liability insurance, vignette, round-the-clock roadside assistance in case of technical failure, provision of a replacement car in case of technical failure.

Не забравяйте, че след като вземете автомобил от нас, сме на Ваше разположение 24/7 и при необходимост винаги може да ни се обадите.

Forget the stress of driving, enjoy the process. Take the pressure off by renting a car with automatic gears from BestDeals Rent-a-Car.

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