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Top 10 Car Rental Tricks For The Upcoming Holidays

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the holidays, the time when we all get together with our loved ones. These are days filled with joy and merriment and there is hardly a person who does not look forward to them. Here are a few tricks that will benefit you and save you money if you need to […]

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Second hand car prices will continue to rise

“I don’t see a light in the tunnel in the next year or even two. Used car prices are likely to continue to rise amid the ongoing new car supply shocks caused by the metals crisis, chips and so on.” Lyubomir Dorosiev, deputy chairman of the Association of Automobile Importers (AIA) told BTA. According to […]

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Mandatory use of winter tyres in certain months

Winter tyres compulsory in certain months Source: Pariteni In the morning the temperatures started to drop below 8 degrees and this is a challenge for the summer tires. They don’t provide the grip needed and now is the time for drivers to start changing their tyres. There is no safer car than one that is […]

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Rent a car and offer to drive it

What to see if you travel on Hemus motorway A2 -1 part, Yablanitsa – Glogone – Zlatna Panega If you need a rental car to complete your trip, take a look at our offers. Yablanitsa is located 88 km from the town of. The town of Jablanka is located at the distance of 88 km […]

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Car rental rent a car

Rent a car or borrow a car from a friend?

We’ve all been in a situation where we can’t use our personal car. Whether it’s due to a breakdown, the annual service, or we’ve simply requested the purchase of a brand new vehicle at the local dealership and it’s still not available, whatever the reason, we have to admit that we’re going nowhere without a […]

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What are the new parking rules in Sofia

What are the new parking rules in Sofia

What are the new parking rules in Sofia? Parking rules in Sofia, how to park properly In order to properly park your rental car in the centre of the capital you need to be aware of a few important things. There are two parking zones in the city BLUE and GREEN. You can find out […]

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