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Covid 19


Prices from 13.50 €/ден for rent over 8 days.

Disinfection and sterilization of vehicles

BestDeals Rent a car diligently conducts vehicle disinfection and sterilization activities. Surfaces frequently touched by customers such as door handles, steering wheel, gear lever, hand brakes, navigation panel, etc. are thoroughly cleaned to achieve the best effects of disinfection and sterilization.

  • When cleaning vehicles, the employee must wear protective gloves and a mask;
  • Waste collected from tenants is placed in a plastic bag, sealed and disposed of;
  • Steam disinfection is also carried out;
  • Special attention is paid to the disinfection of the air conditioning system;

At the office ofBestDeals Rent a car

To prevent contamination, social distancing is practiced while serving our clients. An outside service counter will be used in our office during the course of the pandemic, so that customers, when it is not urgent and time permits, are served at it and can conveniently wait for their car in the specially created outside space.

  • The office is cleaned and disinfected according to schedule
  • The outdoor waiting area that customers also use
  • Alcohol hand sanitizers are prominently displayed and can be freely used for personal hygiene;
  • Our employees wear protective masks;

Disinfection and washing of child seats

  • The fabric upholstery of all highchairs and booster seats should be washed at 60 ® C after use;