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Mandatory use of winter tyres in certain months

зимни гуми преглеждания

Winter tyres compulsory in certain months

Source: Pariteni

In the morning the temperatures started to drop below 8 degrees and this is a challenge for the summer tires. They don’t provide the grip needed and now is the time for drivers to start changing their tyres.

There is no safer car than one that is well prepared for winter. This is what the auto expert Rumen Dunev said in the studio of “The Day Begins”.

“In terms of the Road Traffic Act, it allows motorists to drive their vehicles in winter conditions with tyre grip exceeding 4mm.”

Sometimes, however, some drivers drive with the so-called all-season tires and with more snow they turn on the road and start mile-long queues and traffic jams,” explained Dunev.

That is why legislative changes are proposed to have a time period in which Bulgarian drivers must use winter tires – from the end of October to the end of March, the auto expert added.

Author: Vani