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Рилския манастир предложение за разходка с автомобил под наем преглеждания


What to see if you ride by car along E79

(Sofia – Kulata)

Hello, dear adventurers! Are you ready to discover the hidden treasure of Bulgaria? Pack your bags because today, we’re taking you on an enchanting journey to Rila Monastery, one of the country’s most beautiful and historic places. And guess what? Our car ride offer will make this trip super easy and fun. So, let’s jump in and learn about this amazing destination and how our rent-a-car service can take you there! Immerse yourself in the delightful atmosphere of Rila Monastery by choosing a car here:

Rila Monastery Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring Rila Mountains, Rila Monastery is like no other. As soon as you step through its gates, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a magical world filled with colorful frescoes, mysterious stories, and breathtaking views. Rila Monastery is not just a pretty place – it’s also really important for the history and culture of Bulgaria. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it!

Rila Monastery is part of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage listed by UNESCO as a bearer of living traditions, ideas and beliefs of exceptional universal significance.

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The monastery is situated in the dense and impassable forests of the Rila Mountain. It is the highest mountain on the Balkan Peninsula, at about 1140 m above sea level, in the immediate vicinity of the Rila River.. It is no coincidence that St. Ivan of Rila chooses this place – closer to the gods and farther from the ungrateful people. Here he spent his days devoutly, in prayer and fasting, working miracles and finding healing for the sick.

The Rila Monastery with its unique architecture will welcome you from the outside as impressive as a medieval fortress.

The unique architectural appearance is complemented by the unique frescoes of the Bulgarian zoographers, which find their culmination in the art of Zahari Zograf. He painted the frescoes of the Main Church. The iconostasis created by the Samokov carving school also shines with its skilful workmanship.

Rila Monastery in Mount Rila

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims, people with humble faith in the miracles of St. Ivan of Rila to worship before his relics and his holy abode. Protector and spiritual teacher of the Bulgarian people on the border of the first and second millennium.

The holiness and grandeur of the mountain, its respectable contours, and the impact on the senses and feelings that this overwhelming state generates, remain with all pilgrims for a long time.

The route from Sofia is approximately 120km one way, travelling along the international road E79 / Sofia – Kulata /. For a break or a toilet you can stop at any petrol station along the way. The road to the monastery is asphalt and parking is available.

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A Journey Through Time: Rila Monastery

History of the Rila Monastery

The original site of the monastery was near the cave that the saint chose for his abode and had a very recent appearance. During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom 13-14 c. The monastery was generously donated by the Bulgarian rulers and grew. In the 15th century it was burned by the Ottomans. The Bulgarian Revival of the 18-19th centuries brought it new life and the holy monastery became a literary and educational centre.

After his death in 946, St. He was buried next to the cave where he had found solitude.

The monastery played an important role in the spiritual and social life of medieval Bulgaria. A typical example of the Bulgarian Revival (18-19th century), the monument symbolizes the realization of Bulgarian cultural identity after 5 centuries under Ottoman rule.

To make your visit to Rila Monastery truly memorable, don’t forget to check out these must-see spots:

  • Stallion Tower
  • Church History Museum
  • The Camp
  • Recreation of the monk’s room
  • The miraculous icon of St. Theotokos Osenovitsa from XII century
  • The miraculous icon of St. Ivan of Rila from XVIII century
  • The relics of St. John of Rila

The relics of the saint are kept in the Church. A pleasant but steep path leads you to the grave and here there is a cleft in the rock through which only the sinless can pass;

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Allow at least 1 hour for your tour of the monastery. We recommend you try the mekitsa they sell near the monastery, still a hit.