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Златна Панега преглеждания

What to see if you travel on Hemus motorway A2 -1 part, Yablanitsa – Glogone – Zlatna Panega

If you need a rental car to complete your trip, take a look at our offers. Yablanitsa is located 88 km from the town of. The town of Jablanka is located at the distance of 88 km from Sofia. It can be reached by taking the A2 Hemus motorway. Jablanitsa is located in the Western Pre-Balkan, above it rises the Dragoitsa Ridge, with its peak Nishana. It’s famous for its apple halva, which you can try while you’re here. We stayed with Zhoro in the Sharenite houses, in the district of Brattevtsi, just above Jablanitsa.

The monastery “St. St. George the Victorious with a rental car

The monastery is located near the village of Glozhone. It is believed to date from the 13th century. It is reached after a long climb by car along a narrow forest road. The monastery is built on a rock and looks more like a medieval fortress than a holy monastery. Apart from the magnificent view from up high, you will also enjoy the museums that the monastery houses.

Owl’s Hole Cave

Be sure to see this natural landmark. It is located 12 km from Jablanitsa and is included in the 100 national tourist sites. The cave is enriched and electrified, has a guide who will tell you interesting facts. All five halls are amazing.

Prohodna Cave, God’s Eyes

Near the village of. Karlukovo is located near the cave Prohodna or God’s Eyes. The cave is a natural rock bridge over 200 m long. In the past the waters of the r. Iskar used to fill the cave. Here on the ceiling two identical openings resembling eyes have formed, hence the name God’s eyes.

Paddle bike, kayak or canoe on Iskar – Zlatna Panega

The “Iskar-Zlatna Panega” eco-trail is one of the most impressive in Bulgaria. The trail starts with two routes, one for grandparents and grandchildren and the other for everyone else. You have the option to walk or ride a pedal boat, a canoe is also available. There are wooden bridges on the rocks and the view is fabulous. You can continue to the floating restaurant and see water lilies. The journey ends before the dam. Happy travelling from the BestDeals Rent-a-car team! Choose your car rental here.