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Rent a car or borrow a car from a friend?

Car rental rent a car преглеждания

We’ve all been in a situation where we can’t use our personal car. Whether it’s due to a breakdown, the annual service, or we’ve simply requested the purchase of a brand new vehicle at the local dealership and it’s still not available, whatever the reason, we have to admit that we’re going nowhere without a car. There are several options in our heads, but which one should we choose – rent a car or borrow a car from a friend?

Risks of borrowing a car from a friend

  1. We all have friends we can rely on, but are their cars meeting our needs?

Even if we find a friend willing to help us with our car, will we feel comfortable in it, think about it. Everyone chooses a car according to their own needs and requirements. Will your family of five ride comfortably in your best friend’s two-door Polo?

Or how much nerve it will cost you to find a parking space for the big borrowed van in the busy city centre.

borrowed car

At BestDeals Rent a car you can choose between different types of cars, grouped by class according to their size. Choose the one that best fits your requirements. Budget car rentals are available at bargain prices you can count on. The cheap price is due to the older year of manufacture, but remember we don’t compromise on your security.

  1. Even if we have helpfully acquired a borrowed car, how much can we rely on it?

Just because you regularly monitor the engine oil level in your car, have it serviced by the book and drive it immediately to the most elite garage for a check-up every time the dashboard warning light comes on, doesn’t mean it applies to a borrowed car. People have different ideas about how to look after their cars, and sometimes it just comes down to money. Maintaining a car is not a cheap pleasure.

So isn’t it better to trust the professionals?

At BestDeals Rent a car we have made car maintenance a daily activity. We use the services of some of the best automotive repair shops that we have partnered with for years. We service our vehicles with quality supplies to keep them running perfectly. We would never compromise the safety of the people in the car. This is of paramount importance to us.

  1. Doesn’t cheaper come out more expensive?

Who is liable for damage or loss to a borrowed car?

The answer to this question cannot be clear. You could find yourself in a complicated situation if something unexpected happens and the borrowed car breaks down while it is with you. Would you risk a long-standing friendship falling apart due to the fact that the car’s starter “sang its song” just as you were driving.

Don’t commit to vague responsibility for other people’s vehicles, no need, trust a car rental agency to rent a car.

Why not check car rental prices with us?

At BestDeals Rent a car you can choose between new and budget cars, which are offered at bargain prices. You can add additional damage and theft cover to the rental of your chosen car. It will reduce your liability in the event of a loss to the amount of the deposit. Call us, you will get first class service and affordable car rental prices!