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Tips when renting a car

Tips when renting a car преглеждания

Tips when renting a car and child seat

Traveling it with children can be a very fun and interesting experience. There are so many destinations that are perfect to visit with kids. For you as parents, however, this means extra care. Also ensuring their safe and peaceful journey.
You are faced with the option of taking your own car seat or opting to rent one from a car rental agency. It may be charged.

Child seats can be divided into 3 main categories

  • babies,
  • childish,
  • booster seats.

This division is according to two main criteria – according to the age of the child and according to his weight.

We at BestDeals Rent-a-car we can offer you different sizes of highchairs according to your child’s needs. Also the possibility to book the seat at the same time as booking the chosen car.

Take your own seat

If you have your own car seat, you can take it with you on the trip and avoid paying extra fees, as well as saving yourself complications if the car rental agency does not have any car seats available at that moment.

Before you get one, make sure you’re familiar with the requirements each state has for child seats so you make the right choice. Also familiarise yourself with the child seat policy of the airline you will be flying with.

Some companies allow you to board a child seat for free, while others may charge you.
One of the most important advantages of taking your own car seat is that you know how it works, and you won’t have any difficulty installing it in the car.

  • Rent a child seat from the car rental agency

If you’re travelling with a lot of luggage and you’re with children, perhaps a better option for you is to rent a child seat directly from the car rental agency. When you make your booking, it is possible to add the “child seat” option and if there are additional charges for it, simply pay them with the remaining rental amount.

Always keep in mind that the availability of child seats is not guaranteed because each agency has a limited number of them.

Therefore, if you are travelling in the peak tourist season, when demand will be at its highest, you may not be served, especially if the booking is made at the last minute. What you can do is, as early as possible, save your baby seat. That way you can be sure it will be waiting for you when you arrive, and you’ll have a clear idea of the total cost of your rental.

When you pick up a child seat from us, we’ll give you instructions on how to install it or we’ll do it for you, saving you the extra hassle.

Types of child seats

  • Baby seat – from 0- 13kg

As the name suggests, this seat is designed for babies and toddlers. This means it is suitable for babies from 0 – 2 years. Babies and toddlers should ride in a rear-facing seat. This is the way this seat is designed to be installed in the car.

Note that some modern versions of child seats can be installed facing forward. The rear-facing position is still considered safer.

  • Child seat – from 9 – 18 kg

The standard infant seat, is suitable for all children who have outgrown the rear-facing infant seat, these are children over 2 years of age. This child seat can be used until your child is old enough to use a booster seat instead.

Since it is the most common, most car rental agencies have the largest number of them. A proportion of these seats are available with a ‘sleep’ function, which allows the seat to be pulled into a supine position and provide a better position for the child’s body when sleeping in the car.

  • Booster seat – 15 – 36 kg

The booster seat is actually just the lower part of a standard child seat. It lifts the child and “reinforces” the sitting position so that the seat belt fits better without actually strapping the child across the chest.

This role is fulfilled by the vehicle belt. They are only designed for children in the forward facing position who are already too big for the standard child seat. This usually applies to school-age children.

The minimum weight for the use of the “booster seat “varies, but is usually from 15 kg upwards. It can be used until your child is old enough to no longer need it, around 36kg.

Where to put the child seat

You can put the child seat in either of the rear seats or the front passenger seat. However, depending on the exact car model and the type of seat itself, one position may be more suitable than another.

Most manufacturers recommend installing the infant seat in the front seat facing rearward. While the child or booster seat should be in the back seat, facing forward.

Another important thing is that if you install the seat in front, you have to disable the front airbag. If you are not sure how to do it, contact the car rental agency.

What is the cost of renting a child seat

The price varies from agency to agency. It is usually calculated for each individual day and has a maximum limit. It is possible that different categories of children’s chairs may be priced differently.

Legal provisions

In most countries, infant seats, booster seats or booster seats are compulsory for children up to 12-13 years of age. Or to a certain height, whichever comes first.

Before hiring a car, we recommend that you check the regulations in the country where you will be travelling. This way you will make the right decision and avoid unnecessary problems during your vacation.