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Top myths about car rental service

Top myths about car rental service преглеждания

As popular as the car rental service is in the 21st century, there are still different understandings about it. Some of them quite strange, and others even existing as myths. But the misconception of renting a car through an agency could rob you of its benefits. And you know, they are not few at all.

Especially when you have virtually no other choice for transportation from point A to point B.
Today we undertake the difficult task of breaking down some of the most common and widespread myths about the car rental service, both on the web (where we mainly get information about everything lately) and in real life.
Let’s get to work! Because we have a long way to the truth!

Myth 1 – The car rental service is extremely expensive

Many people still believe that they cannot afford to rent a car, be it in Sofia. In another city or even in a foreign country. Unfortunately, they run into all sorts of roadblocks trying desperately to save money. But they certainly don’t manage to save themselves a lot of nerves and even trouble.

The truth is that with a search and an understanding of what you need and what is mandatory to be present in such a service, you can find yourself a pretty lucrative car rental offer. What’s more, if you’re just looking for translation, you don’t need to hire the most expensive ride option at all. Some companies even have discounts, including for new customers, and additional extras that could ultimately save you money.

Another factor in determining the price is the period for which you will rent it. There is a rule in the industry that as this period increases, the price decreases. So, it’s possible to get a great deal on a 25+ day rental.

Myth 2 – Insurance in the service covers any damage

This is not exactly so. Each agency offering a car rental service has its own conditions, respectively its own understanding of insurance coverage. When signing a contract for a specific vehicle, it is mandatory for each renter to be informed about which events are covered by the paid insurance service. And for which he will have to dig into his pocket.

Another issue is that when you rent a car, you should think not so much about the insurance coverage, but about how to drive so that you return the vehicle in good condition, i.e. as you were handed it.

Myth 3 – The bigger the car rental company, the lower their prices

There is no such thing! The market economy does not prohibit leaders in any industry to charge super high, respectively super low prices. Generally, this is part of the company’s own policy.

That’s exactly why we warned you that in order to find a really bargain car rental service, you’ll have to poke around the web and ask around here and there. The idea is to get to know the average price for the service. And from there be guided by it in your selection for a final offer.

We must warn you, however, that if you opt for a suspiciously low price for a car rental service from a small and unknown company, you run the risk of being scammed. Or on rather unfavourable contractual terms.

At BestDeals Rent-a-car you will not only find advantageous car rental offers in every pocket, but you will also be served properly.

We explain everything accurately and clearly to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication in our future contractual relationships with our customers. Transparency and honesty are our top priorities!