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What are the new parking rules in Sofia

What are the new parking rules in Sofia преглеждания

What are the new parking rules in Sofia?

Parking rules in Sofia, how to park properly

In order to properly park your rental car in the centre of the capital you need to be aware of a few important things.
There are two parking zones in the city BLUE and GREEN.

You can find out what zone you are in by looking at the nearby road signs and the parking rules:

Какви са новите правила за паркиране в София
зелена зона голям знак
синя зона правила
зелена зона правила


It is separated in the space surrounded by the boulevards – “Hristo Botev”, Blvd. “Todor Alexandrov”, Blvd. “Knyaz Al. Dondukov Blvd. “Vasil Levski” Blvd. “Gen. М. Д. Skobelev”, it also covers them:

  • In the BLUE ZONE you can park for a maximum of 2 hours;
  • The price for a stay of 1 hour is 2 leva;
  • The zone is open from 08:30h-19.30h on weekdays and from 08:30h-18:00h on Saturdays, on Sundays parking is free.

You can pay for a stay in the BLUE ZONE by sending to 1302 the number of the car, which must be written as on the ticket, i.e. in Cyrillic with capital letters and spaces, as follows: СА 1234 НХ

You can only do this if you use the services of a Bulgarian mobile operator, however, if you are a customer of a foreign mobile operator, your only option is to place a ticket on the dashboard of your car, with the valid parking dates and times pre-erased. Such vouchers can be purchased from mobile controllers, Urban Mobility Centre booths or from retail outlets.

GREEN zone

It is many times larger than the BLUE and is surrounded by boulevards and streets:

Bull. “Princess Maria Louisa”, ul. “Belogradchik”, ul. “Veslets”, ul. “Klokotnitsa”, ul. “Budapescha”, ul. “Kozloduy”, ul. “Konstantin Stoilov” Blvd. “Gen. Danail Nikolaev”, Blvd. “Sitnyakovo Blvd. “Mihai Eminescu Blvd. “Tsarigradsko shose” Blvd. “Evlogi and Hristo Georgiev Blvd. “Dragan Tsankov Str. “Metropolitan Cyril Vidinsky”, ul. “Yosif Petrov”, Pl. “Velchova Zaviera”, ul. “Stoyan Mikhailovski Blvd. Peyo Yavorov”, Blvd. “Nikola Y. Translated with (free version) Vaptsarov”, ul. “Atanas Dukov”, ul. “Lyuba Velichkova”, ul. “Srebarna”, ul. “Henrikh Ibsen Str. “Koziak”, ul. “St. Osiy Kordobsky”, ul. “St. Athanasius the Great”, ul. “Koziak”, ul. “Holy Trinity”, ul. “Nikola Obrazopisov”.

Str. “Bishop Protogen”, border of South Park”, Blvd. “Arsenalsky”, Blvd. “Cherni Vrah”, Blvd. “Bulgaria” Blvd. “Pencho Slaveykov Blvd. “Vitosha”/to. “Byala Cherkva and back to Vitosha Blvd. “Bulgaria” blvd. “Bulgaria” Blvd. “Academician Ivan E. Geshov Str. “Khan Presian”, ul. “Zdrave” Blvd. “Pencho Slaveykov Str. “St. Georgi Sofiyski”, Blvd. “Academician Ivan E. Geshov” Blvd. “Gen. Edward I. Totleben”, ul. “Joakim Karchovski”, ul. “Kamen Andreev Str. “Ohridsko jezero’, ul. “Güeshevo”, Blvd. “Ing. Ivan Ivanov”, Blvd. Al. Stamboliyski”, ul. “Dimitar Petkov”/to. “Dr. Kalinkov” and vice versa/, Blvd. Al. Stamboliiski”, Blvd. “Konstantin Velichkov” Blvd. “Slivnitsa”, ul. “Oplichenska”.

On the border boulevards indicating the extent of the zone, there is also an hourly paid parking regime “Green Zone”
  • You can park in the GREEN ZONE for a maximum of 4 hours;
  • The price for a stay of 1 hour is 1 lev;
  • The zone is open from 08:30h-19:30h on weekdays and Saturdays; Sunday parking is free.

You can pay for a stay in the GREEN ZONE by sending a sms to 1303, again only if you are a customer of a Bulgarian mobile operator otherwise your only option is to place a coupon on the dashboard.

If the rules for paid hourly parking are not complied with, the vehicle will be clamped until a fine of 30lv is paid, together with the amount due for each hour until the end of opening hours for the zone concerned. Another option is the forced relocation of the vehicle by “spider”.
Here we indicate tel. 070013233 to contact the Urban Mobility Centre at the Sofia Municipality and a link to their website:

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