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What is deposit authorization?

What is deposit authorization преглеждания

Deposit authorization

Deposit authorization for car rental requires the customer to provide the car rental agency with their bank card. BestDeals Rent a car accepts both credit and debit bank cards, as long as they have sufficient balance to cover the deposit amount.

The Authorization option was created to ensure a certain account balance. When a request for Authorization is submitted through a POS terminal and a bank card is provided, a request is made to the issuing bank for the availability of a sufficient amount in the account for debit cards or an authorized credit limit for credit cards.

Accordingly, approval or disapproval of the respective authorisation follows. Вие получавате издаден бон с детайлите по Авторизацията.

Successful authorization

A successful deposit authorization means that the funds are only blocked on the card and reduce the remaining available balance on the card, but they remain in the account. So the authorized amount doesn’t leave your account but you don’t see it available, you may see it in “Blocks” or another option designated by your bank.

Cancellation of authorization

When you return the vehicle in the same condition as hired, free of damage, shortages and refuelled and you have complied with all the requirements of the Hire Agreement the authorised amount will be released by us. For this purpose, you again provide us with the card on which we made the authorisation.

In turn, we send a report to the bank to release the amount keep in mind that each bank has a different timeframe in which it will process the report submitted by us to make the amount available again. You receive a voucher again, this time for Authorisation Cancellation. Keep it for reference until the blocked amount is released.

Delay in releasing the blocked amount

When you have questions, it’s best to contact the bank that issued your card. There is usually a phone number on the back of your card.

With the vouchers issued by us you can check the status of the respective transaction. And familiarise yourself with the procedures and deadlines your bank follows.

BestDeals Rent a car wishes you a pleasant journey!