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Read the comments of Elitsa Yankova-Erski, Olympic medalist and

participant in the reality format “Games of Will” 4 and Alexa Erski,

winner of the reality format “Games of Will” 4


Hi Elitsa and Alexa, how did you find out about our company and decided to contact us?

We found BestDeals Rent A Car through the internet and trusted the positive comments we read. The attitude of the people working in this company also grabbed our interest.

Tell us about your experience with the car:

Time spent with Kia Rio it was a pleasure to drive in urban conditions , extremely comfortable and easy to drive.

The company recommended and referred us to this model car and we are extremely pleased we trusted them. Also, their office is very conveniently located, which we drove to with no problem. We had no problems picking up and returning the car, everything was very organized from booking to the end.

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Where do you like to travel and relax in Bulgaria, do you have a favourite place or route?

I love travelling around Bulgaria because the countryside is diverse and there is so much to see.

Where do you like to travel and sigh in Serbia? Can you recommend an interesting road trip in Serbia to our readers? What do you think is a must see?

Mostly we have to travel to Serbia and there is no time for breaks. In Serbia I travel mostly for competitions and there is also no time for holidays, but our winter resorts are very attractive for tourists.

I recommend to make an excursion starting from Nis, near the city is the winter resort of Kopounik, a must visit Belgrade, the city offers many diverse interests for tourists. Taking the motorway all the way, the journey is easy and you can enjoy the sights Serbia has to offer.